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Turtle News 


New Year message

"Http://www.cnturtle.com" February 6, 2016 Jian Zhang

Members of the "http://www.cnturtle.com" group of friends: Spring Festival is good!

In 2016 the arrival of the Spring Festival, on behalf of "http://www.cnturtle.com" to pay New Year's call. I wish you good health, success and happiness!

New year Chinese chelonians industry to continue in a period of adjustment, we have to situation changes in the market in a good grasp of their own development direction, to adjust the structure of the varieties and breeding structure, to adapt to the new changes in the market. We need to concern than yet another exhibition, and to concern turtle product terminal market construction, market will develop. The last mile of the industry chain will be greatly developed this year. In the second half of the year, if we find that the market Guimiao no longer odd high, the price is suitable for you can be considered a shot, the introduction of the seedlings after careful breeding, in the coming year will have a good return. The hunters is to seize the opportunity to gain the biggest profit with the lowest investment.

We are watching the changes in the market at the same time, more attention should be paid to improve the level of farming. To master the core technology, in order to withstand the extreme risks of market changes, technological competition is the advanced stage of market competition, is the last magic weapon. We should calm down, read a good book, learn a knowledge, listen to a lecture, to see a turtle field, learn from each other, mutual exchange, in order to progress each other. Future is full of challenges. Following the pace of the times, standing on the forefront of technology, understand the market dynamic, their ancestors step to lead the hundred paces.
Thank you on the first day of the new year came to "http://www.cnturtle.com" the big homes, laugh together imagine the future, wish this year by one rich, all wishes come true. 



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2015 “www.cnturtle.com” meeting will be held in Hainan


October 10, 2015 Zhang Jian


2015 “www.cnturtle.com” Hainan party will be held at the Hai Kou Hotel, the time is October 28~30, the specific arrangements: 28 days to report, dinner. 29 am lectures, rich in content, including the core technology of China's Turtles industry, Turtles difficult and stress diseases, industry Turtles is facing the problem of the market, the new varieties recommended. 29 days at noon after the photo, a dinner, the afternoon visit to Haikou, a domestic turtle, the dinner is issued a photo and address book. 30 days after breakfast meeting.

If you want to learn the core technology, if you want to hear the real problem and solution of the development of China's industry Turtles, if you want to see the domestic first-class turtle field, then go to Hainan to meet, Turtles is the industry” www.cnturtle.com” high-end group, we uphold the core technology first, to guide the healthy development of the industry. Our courses are open to the vast number of faithful readers and core friends. One step ahead, leading one hundred steps!

If you want to improve the level of turtles farming technology, if you want to obtain higher economic benefits, if you want to understand the turtles market amidst the winds of change, if you want to know the future market trend, then the most effective method is face to face communication, learn and visit, gather together in Hainan, “www.cnturtle.com”, for you realize dream!



China industry Turtles into the market adjustment period

http://www.cnturtle.com September 15, 2015 Zhang Jian

At the beginning of the year, China's industry Turtles into a turning point, many varieties with the capacity of the stage of excess, acceptance of product value and market supply and demand regulation, in particular, is no longer follow the trend of retail, supply and demand a new balance, this dynamic change is conducive to the buyer's choice. In this case, the price tends to promote the industry virtuous cycle. When the terminal market has not been fully established, the volatility of the market has been a big panic, and the performance of retail investors.


Southern kinds of Asian yellow pond turtle The is a weather vane. Such a variety of food value is high, but there is no end to the development of the terminal market, and actively digest products, promote the healthy development. Instead, going astray, into poor fry period, resulting in a wine drunk today situation today, a few years ago sold at high prices, some large ambitious, hope dream to continue rising. In fact, no matter how cattle products are to accept the market regulation, not man-made. 8000000 Southern kinds of Asian yellow pond The turtle Southern kinds of Asian yellow pond turtle The industry's supply and demand balance. This year, southern kinds of Asian yellow pond turtle The market has entered a turning point, next year will enter a period of adjustment. Southern kinds of Asian yellow pond turtle The's healthy development is conducive to the promotion of the entire turtle industry.

Box Turt1e Yellow-margined market appears strange phenomenon. Last year in Guangdong Flower Star and the vast majority of box Yellow-margined Turt1e breeding a large support, for many years to repressed Yellow-margined box Turt1e marketed front, led by the star flower, and large together to discuss suggested price, and through many seed sales and technical training to jointly promote the return of its value, price of seedlings of Yellow-margined box Turt1e get greatly enhance. But such a short-lived. This year, the divisions of the north and the South Yellow-margined box Turt1e market, strange is southern prices over the past year, the fall in the price of the north, the more strange is south C. f. flavomarginata higher proportion, North C. F. sinensis is pure, and the market price indeed on the contrary. Guangdong appeared a new approach, is in accordance with the high price of Box Turt1e Yellow-margined seedlings sold, buyers can not get back, but the seller, breeding for a period of time, the survival rate of risk by the seller to bear, such a sales model is very popular retail. F. sinensis C. has a high ornamental value, regardless of body size, texture and color, are f. flavomarginata C. can not be compared, the pursuit of F. sinensis C., it has a long-term development vision. The present C. F. sinensis with low productivity, if you want to obtain genuine C. F. sinensis seedlings, or from the north to buy, artificially suppressed North price is not conducive to regulate the operation of the industry as a whole. At present, the northern Box Turt1e Yellow-margined have said that the price is not to buy, first raised.

Snaping turtle Common into the market adjustment period. Last year common snaping turtle from fried period entered the market transition period toward the rational and healthy direction forward, its price is completely by market laws of supply and demand and product of law of value to adjust, no human control, market transition from last year to further adjustment this year, currently, common snaping turtle regulation has been fully in place prices conform to the value. To promote the common snaping turtle seedling sales and a further decline in commodity prices, many farmers choose the common snaping turtle as the direction of development, through the technological competition obtain reasonable profits in the market.

Trionyx sinensis Guangxi prices tend to be reasonable. Many farmers reflect, Guangxi Trionyx sinensis the price from 500g60 yuan to 40 yuan each, not know what course to take. Actually, Chinese soft shelled turtle price early into the bottom, then rebounded, reduction, recovery, fully accept the regulation of the market, become the norm. Changes in the market today is Guangxi Trionyx sinensis turtle road yesterday, not what is not good. As long as it continues to raise the level of farming, the profit is still considerable.

Turtles industry of China has by stir frying period, through the production capacity rising, continue to adjust the market rules of this year to enter the period of transition, has caused by changes in the transition period is a period of adjustment, this period will last until the end of next year predicted annual there will be a slight increase, this upgrade is in the market control of the range, the human factor has been very difficult to control the market. I hope to see China's rapid development of industry Turtles.



The value of the turtle and the direction of the market

www.cnturtle.com July 8, 2015 Zhang Jian

Recently, The yulin city group friends ask a question: The southern kinds of Asian yellow pond turtle have medicinal and edible value problem? Further, if The southern kinds of Asian yellow pond turtle really so good, why no end market?

The author thinks that, The southern kinds of Asian yellow pond turtle main value is edible, I believe you won't doubt. So since have edible value, why no end market? In fact, is not, is already have, just run. Where is the end market? Tortoise market in guangzhou, have goods, The problem is The southern kinds of Asian yellow pond turtle can see some, not much, why, because The fire, take The southern kinds of Asian yellow pond turtle prices pushed up, cannot be in The market, consumers can't afford to. Only in The southern kinds of Asian yellow pond turtle fry kind of The end of The bubble, when it is squeezed to a real end market. A large brochure, The southern kinds of Asian yellow pond turtle price 200 yuan per 500 grams, The market is opened, illustrate The southern kinds of Asian yellow pond turtle large heart ratio who all clear. Fry kind of delayed goods turtle terminal market construction and consumption. If the market opens, industry to operate properly. As for The southern kinds of Asian yellow pond turtle medicinal value, there is no see convincing scientific report. To have medicinal value, not the ancients said, not present legend, but passes through the animal experiments, efficacy testing, clinical applications, approved by the relevant departments, is the drug. To eliminate a myth, food is not equal to drugs, and drug is material to the prevention and treatment of disease.

Nanjing group of friends of nature open put forward: now is the price of Yellow - margined Box Turt1e Fried? Or the price of the normal development of market economy?

Yellow - margined Box Turt1e problem, it's a long story. In 2011, the baby Yellow - margined Box Turt1e price once reached every 2500 yuan only, but the fixed market, farmers very urgent, I later a turtle in China post online, suggest the market price is adjusted for $1800, as a result, the market is loose, began to have the interaction of supply and demand, the last an average of 1700 yuan of sales. Since then, baby Yellow - margined Box Turt1e market after further adjustment, dropped last rebound, yuan miao catching up 5000 yuan price, such rises, a lot of people think it is Fried, the author think first is the value return, but the extent of regression is too big, can form the trend of "had no next year this year". Yellow - margined Box Turt1e markets continue to watch this year, tend to be more rational, the guangdong market is still hot, the north market is a bit cold, some differences in the north and the south areas, the need of market integration. From the ornamental value and market prospect, Yellow - margined Box Turt1e anhui population still is the mainstream of the development of future strains, Taiwan's population is added.

Fried, is a kind of phenomenon, is behind the interest group invested heavily, the result of the operation of the market: which one is not calling it can work in the market. Such operations of certain species of seedlings in the early development effect is obvious, the people who will focus on resources breeding, the breed and forming effect, the big economy, adding to its value. But too fast, will often appear all sorts of contradiction, cannot continue.

Return to rational cautious and healthy development, therefore, a turtle industry has a long way. Speed up the development of terminal market, is the fundamental direction, it is anyone, any organization and any force irresistible historical trend.



The key problem in the prevention and treatment of diseases of turtles

www.cnturtle.com 4-5-2015 Zhang Jian

At present, more kinds of turtles diseases, the "core technology of Chinese turtles industry" book introduces 67 kinds of diseases, then continue to increase, the condition becomes more complicated, we have found a new difficulty and stress diseases. Then the key problem? Why are there so many diseases occur? How to do prevention and treatment work? Once the disease, we take what measures? The author discuss together with everybody.

One, why Chelonia morbidity?

The turtle skin directly wrapped the body, soft skin vulnerable to external factor attacks, causing skin damage, infection, invasion and open the door for parasitic pathogens. The turtle is a little better, it has scutellum protect the body, the skin is exposed to less, but also because of various factors in the environment infringement, caused by a disease, such as perforation of rot. Turtle appearance is just one aspect, but also by pathogenic factors, some bad food by feeding into the turtle digestive tract disease causing gastroenteritis and fat metabolism disorder. Stress caused by the disease, has become common, temperature, turn, transport, washing and improper operation will lead to various types of stress disorder.

Two, how to prevent Chelonia disease?

The disease is the imbalance of the ecosystem performance. The incidence of turtles is essentially due to the imbalance of ecological system. If you want to avoid the turtle disease, must pay attention to the ecological balance. Testudinate when in a dynamic balance, if the environment, pathogenic factors such as stress, breaking the turtles ecological balance, there will be a variety of diseases. Testudinate balance including in vitro balance between turtles and environment, also including the body balance. In vitro equilibrium including algal phase equilibrium, microflora balance, body balance including micro ecological balance, electrolyte balance etc.. Therefore, we in the Turtle farming, should pay attention to the ecological balance every day, the imbalance will be the disease, homeostasis threatened stress, so the balance is our Turtle farming technique in core. Balance is the key to prevent the onset of turtles.

Three, how to treat Chelonia disease?

Chelonia once the disease, diagnosis and treatment. For the diagnosis of symptoms or diagnosis of turtles to find out the causes of the diagnosis? Of course it is the latter. Generally we see the symptoms, therefore, the general method is symptomatic treatment. However, the core technology is different, we take is the result of the treatment, must find out the cause of disease, and the result of the treatment, so that after the cure of disease will not happen again. Look from the symptom, bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases, but the pathogenesis of the investigation, you will find that there are common, difficult and stressful, different ideas, will take corresponding measures in different. Active treatment, to prevent, find out the cause, the correct treatment and avoid recurrence. According to the new ideas of treatment, and gradually formed a new core technology, the author is summarized in the book, I hope to share with you. For specific treatments, including soaking, splashing, injection and oral medication, in addition, ecological regulation, immune disease and animal welfare prevention options.


With the core technology company A turtle industry health


http://www.cntutle.om January 23, 2015 Zhang jian


Through 2014, and fresh. Cnturtle.com with the support of the general readers and group of friends, published "China terrapin industry core technology map"; In maoming post the success of the party; To take star Cuora flavomarginata exhibition and Cuora flavomarginata lovers lecture. Not only that, using the cnturtle.com group communication platform (QQ group: 199700919) and micro letter public platform (micro signal: cnturtle), as the turtle friends and solve the problems one by one, to save the lives of countless turtle. In opposition to fry a controversial, we always insist on your point of view, is "against fire, healthy development.

A turtle industry healthy sustainable development. We need to do is to understand the situation clearly, to consolidate the basis of industry. Turtle in the industrial chain, speed up the construction of goods sales terminal market, perfect the industry chain, stop the fire, a virtuous cycle, only a turtle industry healthy development, will be a win-win situation. Whatever the turtle species, the price and value need to adapt, determined by the real market value and price. Farmers move on 5 ~ 10 years, don't blindly follow suit, don't be confused illusion, want to have my own judgment. We can't only look at pocket, no head.

In 2015 China terrapin industry will be a turning point. Fanatical scrambled to rational cultivation, false prosperity to the real market, speculation business to technology competition. A turtle industry like a turtle industry, technology matures, the market rational adjustment, industry grows, over profiteering era, PingLi stable development. Along with positive energy into a turtle industry in China, the future is bright.


New Discoveries


Baby Yellow-margined Box Turtle outbreaks of fat embolism syndrome


http://www.cnturtle.com November 29, 2014 Zhang Jian


A turtle master reflect the Guangdong Shunde, he farmed baby Yellow-margined Box Turtle recently died, although not many, but is very confused, I do not know the solution. As the morning of November 28, 2014, a baby Turtle state of mind is not good, afternoon became worse at night, mouth breathing, after death, the appearance does not see any symptoms. The autopsy, the serious phenomenon of fatty liver, fatty yellow, intestinal and lung surface showed a large number of fat deposition, more fat content in the lungs, breathing function influence. Further findings, liver outside is covered with a thick layer of bright yellow fat. After investigation, baby Turtle cultivation, start feeding for 1 months a company No. 0 material, after the switch to another 1 material, and the use of 2 months. The Fed with the feed at the same time, also fed a production of aquatic multidimensional and tomatoes, in this regard, the turtle master doubt, may be caused by fishery multidimensional formulation is not scientific. Feed use, general will appear white fat, won't appear yellow fat, therefore, have some doubts on aquatic multidimensional. But the author thinks, may be too high in fat content and feed structure turtle main give, or feed nutritional imbalance, into fat, leading to excess nutrients, fat accumulation, resulting into the blood fat droplets organ, causing vascular embolization.

Preliminary diagnosis: Turtle fulminant fat embolism syndrome.

Based on the above analysis, the author proposed in baby Turtle cultivation, improvement of diet, pay attention to selection of fat content less feed, the use of scientific ratio of feed, appropriate use of plant feed, nutrition can not excess, to keep the feed nutrition balance, and requires a baby Turtle nutritional adaptation.



To accelerate the healthy development of China's Turtles industry


http://www.cnturtle.com 23.10.2014 Zhang Jian


China's Turtles industry from the 80's of the last century at the beginning of 90, the introduction of Japan broke the turtle hibernation technology, development started, accelerated, it has been 25 years, at first only a turtle breeding industry, after 1995, turtle industry began to gradually into the protagonist. The turtle breeding industry after the primitive accumulation, coupled with the greenhouse cultivation technology breakthrough, production continues to climb, to the end of 2013, the national turtle yield has reached the scale of 290000 tons, turtle industry after pushing the Guangdong and Guangxi and around the country, has formed a certain scale, the current turtle production is estimated at about 50000 tons. How to develop next, encountered many bottlenecks.

A kind of problem, speculation

There is no doubt, fry is the main factor restricting the healthy development of Turtles industry in china. Of course, to fry kind of soft shelled turtle, appeared in the early stage of development, the last century at the beginning of 90, the highest price of soft shelled turtle per 500 grams of 600Yuan RMB, then, with the soft shelled turtle yield gradually increased, to meet the market demand, the rapid downturn in prices in 1996, is a soft shelled turtle price turning point, each 500 grams of soft shelled turtle price for the first half of the year 80RMB is about yuan, the second half of the year is 60RMB about yuan, at this time, only to fry kind of has not, can only rely on science, improve the turtle survival rate, to win the market competition. Since then, soft shelled turtle market after many change radically, regulation in the law of supply and demand, price repeatedly break the balance point of profit and loss, loss of the turtle family can only rely on to raise technical content for the next breeding cycle profit. Because of air pollution needs cleaning temperature control breeding turtle breeding greenhouse, many parts of Zhejiang greenhouse were removed, thus affecting the macro turtle yield, the recent market information indicates that the price began to rebound, soft shelled turtle. In short, between farming and market of soft shelled turtle is benign and interactive. The problem is the turtle is still in the fry stage, this year is the most prosperous year speculation, but also a lot of varieties suffered the challenge of market a year, some of the varieties of the price too high, close to the price, by some question, caused by the network of the dispute, is a normal phenomenon. Fry's funding comes from corruption and money laundering, big investment, big investment and retail money, however, funds chain fracture risk at any time. Therefore, I always adhere to the "opposition to fry kind, not against the variety" point of view. Because fry, restricted the healthy development of turtle industry. We are pleased to see that after the baptism of the market, to fry kind of drawing to a close, dawn ahead, the future is bright.

Two, the rational development

Remain rational, is a prerequisite for the healthy development of the Turtles industry. At present, what we need is the standardized construction of terminal market commodity turtle, dredge the turtle industry last mile, because there is no market, no turtle. Whether you are viewing the turtle breeding or eating turtle, eventually have to enter the market, edible turtles need to terminal market has approved the formal of the relevant state departments, to disperse the turtle family doubts of the heart, is the tortoise reared exactly where to go. To solve this problem, turtle industry will revive, the enthusiasm of the people will be more high, rather than speculation, also turtle industry into a blind alley. Rational development need to rely on the joint efforts of everyone, the establishment and construction of terminal turtle market, sweeping policy barriers, to pave the way for business license. Association to do such a thing, is the right path.

In three, benign interaction

Snapping turtle in 2014 after the crash of June, gradually entering the rational development track of healthy. Florida snapping turtle has been speculation, prices continue to rise, a male Florida snapping turtle price to more than 1 Yuan RMB, Florida snapping turtle Pro turtle above each 500 grams of 650Yuan RMB, a Florida snapping turtlebaby 500Yuan RMB above the price. After the crash, the day did not fall down, after the market regulator, prices finally return to rational, return value, the current Florida snapping turtlebaby price each 220Yuan RMB, baby Hybridization Florida Snapping turtle100Yuan RMB, common snapping turtlebaby35Yuan RMB, Florida snapping turtle Pro turtle price per 500 grams of 380Yuan RMB. Therefore, some investors are willing to continue to develop the Florida snapping turtle Florida snapping turtle due to farming, breeding rate is higher, they think, is Florida snapping turtlebaby the price down to each 30Yuan RMB profits is considerable. This is the new situation we need all the benign interaction and win-win.



The successful application of the core technology to lift Cuora flavomarginata flavomarginata stress


http://www.cnturtle.com 5.10.2014 Zhang Jian


Cuora flavomarginata flavomarginata stressor mainly in capturing, holding,transportation, washing, and many other aspects of the formation, the balance of the turtle is threatened, there is no reason difficult to raise the lifting stress, when Cuora flavomarginata flavomarginata not self-regulation, transformed into a vicious stress , leading to increased adrenal hormones, metabolic disorders, decreased immune function, organ disease, if not timely treatment, or will die. Therefore, the first step inreleasing stress is introduced after the platform margin, you need core technology.

Guangzhou Mr. Leung first Yanggui of Cuora flavomarginata flavomarginata no farmingexperience, he seriously study "China's industrial core technology map turtles", "turtlesillustrations and examples of efficient breeding technology" and "golden turtles Disease Control Handbook" , and in accordance with the author's methodology raised Cuora flavomarginata flavomarginata, successfully lifted Cuora flavomarginata flavomarginataof stress. The specific method is:

1, after the buy back, first with mixed antibacterial drugs soak three days;

2, use the "stomach medicine" soak two days, the purpose is to empty the intestines of food;

3, with compound vitamin soak two days;

4, such as problem, injected antibiotics.

Now turtle in good spirits, and some turtles chasing people for food. The owner thankedturtle breeding, he said:. "Thank chapter teachers, three teacher's book in hand,brimming with confidence." 

Aquaculture environment

Aquaculture environment

Relieve stress

Relieve stress

Relieve stress

Relieve stress

Relieve stress

Relieve stress

The first discovery of turtle intestinal Microsporidians disease


http://www.cnturtle 2014-9-25 Zhang Jian


Minnie found in practice in Guangdong of a large turtle enterprises, a Taiwan C. f. Flavomarginata death, was found the anatomy of intestinal epidermal cells have a large number of white particles, send pictures, ask for help the diagnosis. According to the pictures carefully observed, pathogen infection site is not only the intestines, and liver and other visceral organs, white pathogen density, small granular. The preliminary diagnosis is the turtle intestinal Microsporidians disease.

This Microsporidians began hosting turtle swallowed spores occur in the environment of the oocysts, bilharzia reproduction, reproductive gametes and reproductive spores occurred in intestinal epithelial cells in the host turtle, severe liver, other organs can be further infections, mature oocysts in the feces by the host turtle released into the environment.

Microsporidians disease occur more commonly in aquaculture fish, but the turtle intestinal organs infection, is the first domestic found.




Miss Gu Dunyi teacher


http://www.cnturtle Sep. 22,2014 Zhang Jian


With the "missing", instead of "Miss", is because the teacher as close at hand,live in the hearts of the students. The impression in the Gu Dunyi teacher is very strict, kind, good eyebrow, he is my high school teacher, also a math teacher. Because of the decentralization, my high school in 70 years in the huayuan of Rugao County of Jiangsu Nantong city middle school read, then the teacher give Gu in there for us to shed blood, cultivate new talents, his loyalty to the cause of education, he, Nantah education graduate, encountered such a teacher during the Cultural Revolution, we are a generation that lucky we had not been delayed, gratitude, learned a lot of knowledge, the teacher.Teaching in senior high school, he was promoted to President of Rugaonormal school, to create greater value in there for the society, and cultivate abatch after batch of higher level talents.


High school period, Gu teachers teach mathematics very well. Even during the cultural revolution, the Nantong area mathematics textbooks at that time he iswriting, teaching, he lead us to study the sequence, geometry of middle school mathematics knowledge, organization we participate in a mathematics competition, remember a time to participate in the Rugao County math competition, I won the two prize, Gu teacher very happy, I praised in front of the class, and analysis, said I was using the solving methods of ultra conventional, let me on the blackboard for students to demonstrate.


One time, Miss Gu said suddenly, our classmates will go to the society, after graduation to have some basic knowledge may be used, in need of training.He will be a digital 0-9, neat writing on the blackboard, let everyone according to practice, this practice does not matter, my memory is particularly profound,practicing good, for life. In the work, this recruit to fill the form data to teachcommon teacher when I, digital written, not only beautiful, do statements is clear, also won high praise.


College entrance examination after recovery, I enter oneself for an examination of science test, remember that math problem there are many do not understand, as long as the request, the teachers are enthusiasticguidance. When the high school graduated, the teacher still patient help, untilwill do so far. Remember Gu teachers live on campus in the northwest corner of the cafeteria, dormitories, near the east gate. Sometimes at night to go to the teacher for advice, will be welcome, diligently. Can reflect the teacher from these details of character.

Wang Yangming Ming Dynasty thinkers life "Lide, Liyan, meritorious service",if used in the Gu Dunyi teacher, a little too, he has done. Modesty, kindness,love, not in the high mountains sin Ling, most people simply can not see the teacher is a great educator, have a look very ordinary, in fact, the heart is strong, during which he headmaster in normal, published a book, "the education internship guide book", the people's education press publishing,the book circulation of over 1000000 copies. The teacher's life, hard work and plain living, loyal to the country's education, not only has created enormous social value, but also reflects his subject value.

Gu Dunyi teacher's book
Front left two is Gu Dunyi teacher


The soft shelled turtle's White eye disease was first discovered in Guangxi


Http://www.cnturtle.com September 5, 2014  Zhang Jian


The soft shelled turtle disease more common disease, there are dozens of, the most serious is the white bottom disease, parotitis. Eye disease usually occurs in the turtle,the turtle disease eyes disease is an incurable disease, we grasp the core technology, the turtle eyes cure many cases of eye disease in Zhanjiang recently, a turtle friends bought the occurrence of Taiwan box turtle, in the author's help have been cured. As the soft shelled turtle's white eyes disease occurrence, is the first time in our country.

In August 12, 2014 the Guangxi Guigang City, Yang Yong-cheng to reflect,have a Palea steindachneri white eyes, I do not know how to return a responsibility? According to the author's experience, like this may be caused by two reasons: one is the turtle retina feeding the bait; two is the thunderstorm. Turtle main, may be the cause of rainstorm, it is always a few dayssuddenly under the heavy rain. The turtle body weight 750g. The turtle iscaught in the food table, called them, catch a few, not found, at present this one.

Diagnosis: Turtle eyes type stress syndrome.

Treatment: using the method of intramuscular injection of drugs, treatment course 3 days.

Feedback: Turtle master to reflect, a help, two needle better, three needlecure.

Figure: before and after the treatment.


Historical witness Cuora flavomarginata to high-end


Http://www.cnturtle 20-08-2014 Zhang Jian


Recently, Cuora flavomarginata national seedlings show ended in star flower, more success. Earlier last month, held the first national flower star Cuora flavomarginata, caused a sensation, star flower after effect, to continue fermentation, will Cuora flavomarginata to a new height. The turtle to baby turtle, two showed Cuora flavomarginata charm, will be a little variety, edge turtle, turtle, turtle to flagship high-end, no actions really do not work, the key depends on the strength and courage. Star flower to invest $50000000, made remarkable contribution. Therefore, some large farming income is huge, small benefit is doubled, started the farmers confidence, had not raised the lovers itch for a try. In this scene, as Chinese turtle industry important history was recorded, the author and many Cuora flavomarginata fans to witness this moment.





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Huazhixing the Yellow-margined box turtle fair impression


http://www.cnturtle.com 21-7-2014 Zhang Jian


Huazhixing is a private enterprise in Shunde District of Guangdong city in Foshan Province, into the turtle industry not long, they cultivated varieties of high-grade,the pursuit of turtle high value targets, integration of resources, with the edges in the turtle industry. A recent Yellow-margined box turtle fairs, fully embodies its strength, thoughtful, and dare to invest, willing to lay down, obtain actual effect,promote the industry to accelerate the development of Yellow-margined boxturtle. 2014 years of 18-20, in the Huazhixing turtle ecological park, held the first national Yellow-margined Box Turtle Trading exchange. Meeting A Museum and B Museum, A Museum exhibition South breeding large breeding Yellow-marginedbox turtle, scene unpopular, the auction is wonderful, the highest auction price, aYellow-margined box turtle8.8 million yuan turnover. B Museum held technical talks, a warm atmosphere.



Reflections from the common snapping turtle caused the collapse phenomenon

www.cnturtle.com 2014-7-6 Zhang Jian

Recently, we all know, common snapping turtle species fried false market finally collapsed, retail investors are suffering severe pain resulting negative benefits generated. common snapping turtle introduced by the United States in 1996 came sporadically, formally introduced into China in 1997, the Ministry of Agriculture approved the promotion, there are already 18 years, should go into "aquatic pork" era. If it is not fried kinds of Guangdong and Guangxi, long into the people table, become a common aquatic products, for everyone's well-being.

florida snapping turtle is the common snapping turtle in a subspecies, reproductive rates and strong high ornamental value, Guangdong and Guangxi are developed, a separate species new army scrambled to obtain huge profits as part of the experts. Opportunities to discover, acquire wealth is a good thing, the problem is not healthy fried kind of positive energy, from the scientific point of view, mining production potential, through the integration of the terminal market, so common snapping turtle gradually open the market to become a National People's aquatic food . Prices based on market regulation, is determined by the law of supply and demand. Was initially produced in Beijing Wangfujing Hotel into a common snapping turtle whole feast table 3680 yuan, has been hit, the plane's books have such advertisements, and later in Shenzhen, Shanghai and other cities launched a five-star hotel which channel common snapping turtle food, attracted the attention of many customers. Unexpectedly, after Guangdong and Guangxi in improving farming on the basis of the level of speculation, huh species. In the first half of this year, some local meetings to continue to fry common snapping turtle, I did not expect it in July crash, baby common snapping turtle Whatever the breed, 25 yuan a market lukewarm.

There are already many signs before the crash. One can easily eat a small town in Zhejiang Folk common snapping turtle; Second, the Guangzhou market in greenhouse common snapping turtle commodity prices have dropped to 17 yuan a pound; Third, Zhejiang large greenhouse was dismantled, and the baby common snapping turtle is by many market flows, Zhejiang, sent greenhouse farming commodities. florida snapping turtle species the peak of the price comparison fried scary, these seedlings 500 yuan, 750 yuan a pound turtle species, male turtle more expensive. These have become history, but also the history of a big joke Yanggui. Is the first half of this year, and some people use fake imported baby florida snapping turtle deceptive packaging are false, but only a little English, but unfortunately the purchaser can not read, a good bite. Regular U.S. florida snapping turtle imported into the country only recently, florida snapping turtle species of turtles 2000 pounds, 500 yuan per kilogram, baby florida snapping turtle2000 a $ 400 one. Quotes are high, is not the time to come.

good common snapping turtle, turtle worth mentioning, other turtles versa. I hope to follow the law of supply and demand to see the terminal market operation, rather than artificial hype, by a few people meet to decide the price. Retail investors do not follow suit, to return to reason, return value, the return to normal. common snapping turtle eating, florida snapping turtle watching, market regulation, stable production. I sincerely wish the healthy development of Chinese turtles industry.

Just Guangxi famous florida snapping turtle breeding large Zhang Jinquan calls, further confirmed, florida snapping turtle has crash. His breeding baby snapping turtle13000 a year, leaving a kind of baby snapping turtle2000, sell baby snapping turtle11000 months, the price of 330-350 yuan each, earning more than 300 million. He calls, consulting why florida snapping turtle will collapse, will not rebound, then how do other issues.

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Facing the healthy development Chinese turtle industry problems

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Chinese turtle industry began in the 80's of the last century in the early 90, the Japanese Kawasaki Yoshihito broke the turtle hibernation technique was introduced to Chinese, everywhere national investment, accelerate the turtle industry development process, farmers get the first pot of gold from the technical potential. In order to solve the difficult problem of eating turtle. Began in the mid 90 century, turtle industry gradually attention, also turtle industry around as a new bright spot for the development, making continual progress. The turtle's output reached 290000 tons, turtle production reached 50000 tons. At the same time, watch the turtle with people's living standard enhancement, increased sales, has formed a large ornamental turtle market, distribution throughout the country.

1  The development of a target, turtle industry

When we in the development of turtle industry, don't forget to target. The author thinks that the goal is through the development of turtles industry, makes edible turtles into the terminal market, become all levels of consumers on the table a dish, consumers can afford to buy, could afford to eat, all kinds of nutrition supplement the body needs. As an ornamental turtle, after entering the market, by the viewer to buy back the culture and appreciation. Both farmed, or ornamental, turtles are people protection and utilization, benign circulation, bigger and stronger turtles industry.

2  Facing two, turtle industry problems

The main problem, you better than me. Is eating some varieties of the turtle is too exaggerated propaganda, for many years in the farming to farming in the inner loop, borrow the name of the market speculation species, the tortoise as a real estate speculation, profit from, retail and just look at the immediate interests of the people to follow the trend, the turtle price from value speculation. Turtle industry and real estate industry, real estate prices has its special historical reasons, the land price control in the hands of the government, restricted by the high land prices, plus the tax is heavy, the developers want to make money, before the formation of today's real estate bubble. The turtle is different from the real estate industry, using the front room, upstairs downstairs free area can be farmed, even farms, land belonging to the main contract, agricultural tax. Therefore, speculation turtle for no reason.

3  The development of three, turtle industry way

Return to rational, straighten out the idea, is the fundamental way out for the healthy development of turtle industry. Combining also turtle industry and terminal market, breeding turtles from law of value to adjust, by circulation, eventually transported to the terminal market, especially edible turtle through the food to digest, not by fry from breeding to breed to the expansion of domestic demand, the formation of false market. Today our turtle market more mature, the price is adjusted by the market, form the market price fluctuations in a certain range is very normal. The turtle breeding industry in the early stage of development has also experienced the empty high price speculation, but time is not long, from the beginning of the second half of 1996, gradually normal. Turtle industry no matter how the future trend of development, some practitioners and win-win. Not big fish eat small fish, the small bear the risk. Each practitioner must learn to analyze the market, look forward to 5~10, not to follow the trend.



Turtles industry will enter the industrial age of the Internet


www.cnturtle.com May 29, 2014 Zhang Jian


[ Abstract ] the topic of today's micro-channel is the impact on the industry, the Internet era turtles industry. Currently, we are in the era of cloud computing and big data , the Internet industry over the next 20 years will bring more business to us turtles impact and opportunities. When we enter the individual virtual enterprise virtualization joints , we fortunately encountered unprecedented new era, the era of exciting.

This morning heard two exciting news : First, the automotive industry into the era of car networking , Google driverless car unveiled , speed 40km, the vehicle is equipped with only the "start" and "stop" two physical buttons , no steering wheel, no accelerator pedal , no brake pedal ; Second, Germany announced that it has entered the industrial era 4.0 , which is the age of the Internet industry . Li Jue unknown turtles industry , the Internet is accelerating subvert traditional industries.

1995 is the first year the world of Internet business , Yahoo, Amazon two Internet giants , founded in 1995 , Google was founded in 1998 . 2013 , from the Internet to moisten things silently thinking , the first year of the birth of Internet banking , Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu , the financial turmoil set off the Internet , a variety of "treasure" to emerge. Alipay is more convenient to use the balance of the mobile terminal diversity, the growing popularity of intelligent terminals , pushing us to the forefront of consumer intelligence , we open smartphone Paypal , you can see the top of the left is to sweep right above the bar code , the following two-dimensional code , a salesperson to sweep under the finish line shopping, or make other payments to sweep the code yourself . These convenient way to show that we are in the consumer Internet era. Different from the consumer Internet , Internet industry refers to the producer for the user to produce activities of Internet application scenarios .

Turtles industry in the consumer Internet age , personal virtualization, cheaper PC, smart terminal . Various turtles trading site appeared , QQ group , micro-channel turtle shops continue to emerge, to enhance the personal life experience , turtles commerce, micro-channel public platform for the exchange of online dating , online booking and other travel more convenient and faster. In 2011, when the author turtles trading on the use of mobile terminals CCB payment function , do not take cash , no with computers, mobile phones can be paid online banking sum of 500,000 , is very convenient. 2014 , consumer Internet matured. Turtles industry is facing the era of cloud computing and big data , that is, to do the whole sample ; should not absolutely precise efficiency ; to be related not to cause and effect. About to enter the age of the Internet industry , cheaper sensors , storage, computing , making turtles industry has a higher production, resource allocation and trading efficiency . What is the age of the Internet industry turtles do ? Producers for the user is to turtles , turtles production activities in scenarios Internet applications , mainly in the Internet industry, the transformation of turtles production, trade, finance , distribution and other aspects can be formed turtles higher production, resources , configuration, and the efficiency of the transaction, turtles enterprise Virtualization .

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Melbourne exploration turtle

www.cnturtle.com June 2, 2014 Zhang Jian

Melbourne (Melbourne) is the second largest city in Australia, referred to Mexico City, is one of the bustling international metropolis. Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria, green area of ​​the city up to 40%. A large area of ​​3400 square miles of Melbourne area (8,806 square kilometers), is one of the world's most extensive metropolitan area. Melbourne for many years by UN-HABITAT's most livable city. Among them, in 2011, 2012 and 2013 for three consecutive years livable city rankings, both won the title in Melbourne.

According to statistics, there is no turtle Melbourne natural distribution records. Can not find turtles in Melbourne it?
I went with a puzzled Melbourne. 2013 use vacation time to come to Melbourne. I feel the city is the city of bonsai, bonsai like a big urban area, surrounded by numerous villas surrounded by the city. In the suburbs, the composition of a community, supermarkets everywhere distribution business in the community center to watch the animals find a shop, walked into the store looking for turtles.

November 11, 2013, I walked into the Ferntree Gully community commercial center, greeted by the pet shop facade advertising, advertising suddenly found a turtle into the eye, live now advertising the top left corner of his voice, I think Me. Entered the store, slowly finding, and finally in a show to find a turtle box turtle, this turtle from the Western region of Australia, the turtle's eyes relatively small, but very round, sparkling, playful turtles in the water , worry silent, yes silent, ignore me, do not speak. Oh, of course not turtle language, and occasionally a faint voice, and that has been very touching up. This turtle is a hatchling, short neck, the back of the gray, milky white bottom, legs short, like a shield plate covered with scales, claws on the toes, only the head of a large shield plate. You might have guessed, it is Pseudemydura umbrina. Scattered distribution in the plains of Western Australia, Perth Airport to the Bulls Brook between the Royal Australian Air Force base near the place. The original specimen is collected and sent to the Vienna museum in 1839 by the Ludwig Preiss years. This specimen was tagged as "New Holland", described by Seibenrock in 1901 and named Pseudemydura umbrina. This turtle in the store is priced at: Shortneck Turtle Hatchlings AUD $ 120 each.

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Yellow-margined box turtle market movements


http://www.cnturtle.com June 15, 2014 Zhang Jian


 Yellow-margined box turtle populations, including Anhui, Yellow-margined box turtle as the representative of the mainland Yellow-margined box turtle and Taiwan Yellow-margined box turtle populations represented by their compatriots. Yellow-margined box turtle populations in three of Taiwan, is a high back black neck, and the second is a low-back red neck, and the third is the best Taiwanese populations Yellow-margined box turtle, is exactly like the so-called gourmet continental margin in the boutique , relatively thin lines, back is relatively high, the body is biased a little longer, the other is difficult to distinguish. Continental margin of the distribution is more complex, not only in southern Anhui, West Anhui, Henan, Hubei have distribution, and Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places are distributed. Because there are some differences between the populations, coupled with a lot of crossover between the continental margin and traits Yellow-margined box turtle populations in Taiwan, causing vastly complex. Taiwan's population of Yellow-margined box turtle populations posing Anhui Yellow-margined box turtle, chaotic one.

Taiwan's population of Yellow-margined box turtle who ran the market peak in 2011, the year the population of Taiwan imported 20 tons Yellow-margined box turtle, the price is about 1300 ~ 1500 yuan per jin, declined after 2012, or even $ 500 Jin, since the second half of last year, and gradually rose to 1,500 yuan per jin, a good 2000 to 2500 yuan per jin. As the continent margin, the price rose up with the whole turtle City, Anhui current wild populations Yellow-margined box turtle highest price reached 13,000 yuan per jin, the price is high due to the acquisition of Cantonese carried up, the actual price of 10,000 yuan, more than prices doubled last year. This is a good thing right? I think not, Yellow-margined box turtle and other turtles, should follow the laws of the market, rational development, not fluctuated, resulting in a parabolic or wavy curve. Our forefathers, shooting itself in the foot.

History can not be forgotten. 2011 Anhui populations baby Yellow-margined box turtle opening 2,500 yuan, nobody cares about the results quickly, to October, Anhui populations baby Yellow-margined box turtle market backwater. At that time many farmers reflect hatchlings sell. To this end, I issued a document in Chinese turtles online price proposals 1800, after the market began to move, and finally to the average price of 1,700 yuan traded.

This year? I have suggested prices 1600-1800, not more than 1800, so some people pay a deposit requirement 1800, but the current population Anhui baby Yellow-margined box turtle did not come out, the market price of around the corner, prices have pushed up to 2,500 yuan, reaching 2011 opening level. Is a good thing? No, because of the artificially high prices too high too fast, it will also in the future, the price will revert to the value itself. With the emergence of farmers artificially high prices, making the pot of gold this year, but next year too, the year after it? Price bottomless ground up? Possible? You can say that no one can dominate the market, you can manipulate the moment but not consistent, the market is not artificially can control. We all know that the stock market also began soaring, but everyone to participate, to be flat, fall, and finally fell earn less, most people are stuck. Turtle market? And the stock market there a difference? Think popcorn, fried A speculation, Scoop grandmother bridge it? No, the final result is: "bang!"

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Probe into Sydney Featherdale Wildlife Zoo Turtle


www.cnturtle.com June 1, 2014 Zhang Jian


Featherdale Wildlife Zoo is located near Blacktown in western Sydney , opened in 2006 , due to engaging , interactive and popular with tourists , although the park opened not long, but it has become a major well-known attractions in Sydney , and has become a world-class Zoo. AUD $ 27.

Sydney Wildlife World is the world's largest indoor safari , but also has the largest indoor zoo animal and plant species in Australia the world , there are thousands of live animals . Animal world is divided into 10 large pavilions , namely butterflies fluttering , invertebrates world, crawling alien , Canyon Flight , midnight Behind , hot, tropical rain forest, cliff kangaroos , Australia baby and semi-arid savannah , visiting each exhibition Hall is a stimulating adventure , a fantastic trip. This unparalleled , world-class living environment, a variety of wild animals, reptiles from those cold , murderous terror beast to cute koala bear , close contact with them can get extraordinary feelings.

October 30, 2013 , I walked into the Sydney zoo , explore the turtle . After entering the door , in accordance with diagrams to find turtles, tortoises exhibition in the 8th District , after a long winding path along the road to visit a variety of exotic animals , and finally went to the area to visit the turtles . Only one tortoise is Aldabra Tortoise. I visited the area around the turtle walked around , and then got into the turtles living area , want to make a high -resolution close-up , the results got his wish , take a few precious photos . When I shoot Xing is strong , the staff to stop , visitors can not only know the turtle into the living area . I see there are only Aldabra Tortoise estimated weight 30kg, are feeding hay turtle nest edge , the edge of a bird companions, not far from a small pond , easy drinking and bathing turtle , surrounded by lush green trees , constitute imitation of natural ecosystems.

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Why turtles will be sick


www.cnturtle.com may 26, 2014 Zhang Jian


Turtles in the health state, in the relative balance of the ecological system,including internal balance and external balance. When the turtles homeostasis is threatened stress; can come when the turtles ecosystem is out of balance.Disease is the turtles ecosystem balance performance. Therefore, the balance is the highest realm turtles breeding farms, we every day to ask yourself: "today you balance?"

When the turtles disease, first of all need to diagnose. The general diagnosis is divided into three levels: one is the single factor diagnosis, only consider thepathogenic factor, think of pathogens, bacteria, viruses, parasites, see what iswhat, for example, see liver lesions, that is liver disease. Two is the three factor diagnosis, interaction of environment, pathogen, turtles three factors, cause disease. The three is to balance as the center, to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis from the environment, feed and balance the three aspects, in the balance of factors must be considered when introducing new varieties, catch -foster - transfer - links, transport transfer group, temperature difference,improper operation and other factors of turtles stress, uneven phenomenon.Clear the pathogenic factors from the environment, or feed, even stress, find the root causes of disease of true. We see is the final anatomic lesions in turtles after death, see is a surface phenomenon. Only to find the cause of disease, the realcan be an antidote against the disease, adopt scientific prevention measures,control of disease happening again.



Share Cuora flavomarginata spawn happy

www.cnturtle.com May 25, 2014 Zhang Jian

Cuora flavomarginata spawning time in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi is later than. This year in the Suzhou Cuora flavomarginata production date is May 25, 2014, and Guangdong Jiangmen Mr. Chen Guolun told the author, his Cuora flavomarginata this year, production time is in April 15th, compared with 40 days, the difference in time. This is caused by both natural temperature difference.

Cuora flavomarginata spawn has certain rules. General in the evening of 5 to 9 eggs, if the weather is wet or rainy days, Cuora flavomarginata will advance to 1 p.m. to 5 eggs. The weather in Suzhou today when wet, rain, suitable for turtle eggs. Around 2 p.m., temperature 25℃, a private Cuora flavomarginata began to dig nest, takes about 1 hours to complete, spawning begins at 3, after 45 minutes after, then cover the soil to spend a quarter of an hour, until the end of 4, the whole 2 hours. The Cuora flavomarginata laid 4 eggs, the average egg weight 15.3~17.6g, 16.55g.

Cuora flavomarginata oviposition process very hard. Breeding female turtle dig nest require two hind busy, alternately, after laying eggs, eggs need to be good, Breeding female turtle with hind legs to gently touch the eggs, not trample on the rigidity of the eggs, 4 eggs when finished, will continue to work with the hind legs, sandy soil cover as the eggs, the eggs are not completely cover up, will leave. Since then, Breeding female turtle pool bath.

In "www.cnturtle.com", we elected a monitor, nickname is the "egg" turtle friends. Therefore, we chat asked to meet, today to see the "monitor"? This is the "big wave gold digging" turtle friends found the joke, everybody would like to see the "monitor", picked up the eggs for turtle who bring the joy of harvest and hope.

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Cnturtle micro message public platform formally opened


Http://www.cnturtle.com 23-5-2014 Zhang Jian


This morning I received a call from Beijing, said to have registered cnturtle Micro message public platform, then apply immediately, the afternoon has been approved, the micro signal is "cnturtle". We have entered the era of Micro message, use Micro message public exchange platform, more convenient. Cnturtle Micro message public platform through science and technology exchanges and promoting the healthy development of China turtle industry.

"Http://www.cnturtle.com" was founded in August 6, 2000, after a long course of development, has a high reputation at home and abroad, but also gain a lot of turtle information. In USA turtle farm, many active contact with us, and provide the Testudines seedlings to China, we actively organize imports, solve part of the demand. In China, we opened a QQ group in December 8, 2011 (199700919), then the continuous hosted the Beihai party, Qinzhou party, Guangzhou party and Sha Lang party. Every gathering, are successful. We have a joyous gathering, in-depth and extensive exchanges, agreed to learn new knowledge, progress. We always believe: efforts in the present, the success obtained; one step ahead, leading a hundred steps. With the author "Turtle farming technique of diagrams and examples", "Turtle disease control gold Handbook" and "The core technology of Chinese turtles industry" the three book publishing, so that readers benefit, according to the book knowledge to solve many difficult problems, more turtles friends to join "http://www.cnturtle.com", Web site, QQ group, Micro message, party, closely, to create Chinese turtle industry-leading communication platform, the cradle of successful people.

We have a margin, so to meet. We is the darling of the era, we have to thank the Internet, give us a chance, we will be together, for a common turtle industry development goals, continuous efforts, to victory.



www.cnturtle.com held Sha Lang party

www.cnturtle.com 3-3-2014 Wei Hua

www.cnturtle.com is the high-end professional group, the cradle of success, the group of friends can enjoy first-class technical support. According to the majority group of friends and the requirements of readers, decided in March 21st ~23 day in Maoming City, Guangdong Sha Lang Zhen Dianbai District aloes Hotel held 2014 'www.cnturtle.com party. Invite some friends and readers to join the group, with the badge free classes, exchanges and visits.

The main contents of the party are: 1 lectures, Chinese turtles industry core technology; 2, the king invited turtle breeding technology and market information to communicate with you face to face, share successful experience; 3, the organization visited big turtle. Specific arrangements: March 21st report; 22 days morning lectures, afternoon 23 days morning visit exchanges. The party got Ou Zhongwei, Yang Yahua, Wang Jianru, Yang Huoliao, Lin Guiyan, Liang Fangzhi, Chen Guoyi, Yang Jun, Yang Yongcheng, Gong jiann Fong Li, Xie Rengen, Lu Shaoshen, Wu, the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, turtle, turtle is a potential world, desire, bleaching, space-time, eternal, margin, Ma, Xuanwu, Shun brother, autumn, auspicious support. Thank Zhejiang Jindadi Feed Co., Yang Jun, Mu Yi and Xie Rengen sponsorship. Contact: Ou Zhongwei, Tel: 13828688568; Chen Guolun, Tel: 13556955338.

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"Chinese turtle industry's core technology map" has been published by the China Ocean Press

http://www.cnturtle.com 8-1-2014 Chang qingqing

Our turtle industry from the late 1980s, breaking temperature farming technology, the accelerated development of rapid, production surge, the current turtle output reached 340,000 tons, to balance supply and demand, and some varieties of oversupply. In this case, turtle industry is the inevitable road of sustainable development.

This is an illustrated technical and economic class large tool. The book is 200,000 words, nearly 600 color pictures, illustrations Chinese turtle industry chain and core technology, innovative, practical and collection of. Featured is a trunk, two wings and a core. Trunk is a Chinese turtle industrial chain, introduced Chinese turtle industry chain system, the reader will find, in this system, whether it is based on farming, ornamental, or high-end all industrial sectors, we stand at a glance. Integration of industrial chain is to further enhance the value of the industrial structure and important way. Two wings are the basis of high-end industrial chain and industrial chain. A core is the backbone of the industrial chain inject core technology. Readers attention not only industrial chain problems, hoping to learn more about and master the core technology, because of market competition in the final analysis is a technical competition.

Industry chain is the set of related industrial activities, is the various industrial sectors based on certain technical and economic association. Chain-associated forms, including logic and temporal distribution relationships. With structural attributes and value attributes. Industry consolidation using switched industrial chain, the broken ring connected; also be used to extend the industrial chain, plus ring value.

Chinese turtle industry chain, including high-end industrial chain and industrial chain foundation. There are high-end industrial chain project design, the introduction of seed, feed processing, storage and transportation, merchandise sales and quality traceability. Based industrial chain, including farming industry chain and watch chain. In the farming industry chain mainly stable input, multiple processes, precise control and feedback; watching industry chain mainly introduces common varieties, ornamental value and market prospects. Industry chain integration, which featured five integrated approach: multi-species integration, integration of high-quality, casual style integration, multi-link integration and production ACSF integration, information rich, intriguing. Readers can integrate precedents, to find their own growth.

Core technologies include the "break turtle hibernation technology", "no sand turtle new technology", "imitation wild breeding technology", "Yellow-margined Box Turt1e population differences and breeding technology", "Buddha snapping turtle early fan technology", " incurable disease control technology "," stress disease prevention and control technology "and" four of the invention patent ", etc. 8. Readers are urgently needed to understand and master the core technology. Many technology is the first public, most of the core technology is the author of twenty years of painstaking efforts.

Breaking turtle hibernation core technology is the best temperature control. Shorten the breeding cycle, effectively improving productivity and efficiency per unit area. Greenhouse farming efficiency is about five times the natural breeding. Therefore, to improve the land utilization.

No sand turtle is an innovative new technology. No sand in the bottom, no sand turtle in the environment will occur uneasy ways to solve ecological research from animals to meet niche theoretical point of view, in the turtle pool set multiple ecological niches. In the turtle pool set up multiple network nest, nest using the net knotless mesh production, there is a gap between the net nest, turtle nests will be drilled into the net, and some lying on the net nest perched, turtle with a sense of security . Thus forming no sand turtle new technology, found that in practice, this approach worked well. Currently the core technology has been widely used.

Imitation wild breeding technology is based on the needs of brand strategy, is the basis of an innovation chain, is to extend the industrial chain, to achieve an effective way turtle value-added goods. In Zhejiang, the most typical, various brands have emerged, through brand radiation, made huge profits.

 Yellow-margined Box Turt1e population differences and farming techniques. Initial Public Yellow-margined Box Turt1e eight species differences. Including Wannan species, species of West Anhui, Henan species, species of Hubei, Zhejiang and northern species, southern Zhejiang species, grown in Taiwan and the Ryukyu kind. Core technologies include: feeding observation, memory, discriminating, spawning habits, improve reproductive rate, temperature requirements, Anhui populations and the natural characteristics of the Taiwan population and release stress techniques.

Florida subspecies snapping turtle early fan technology. Its core technology is the male and female separate, single males alone ponds, females need to manually shifted males mating pool, sex ratio can be up to about 7, or even higher. When they find when gravid females of breeding females for temperature control, in order to accelerate growth, achieve early spawning purposes.

turtle aquaculture production of disease control is the most important core technology, but also the core technology of the book's core. Prevention and treatment of incurable diseases and stress disease prevention, disease prevention and treatment of 66 kinds of core technology. Incurable diseases, including diseases 22 kinds of turtles, turtle disease 12 kinds; stress disorders include diseases 25 kinds of turtles, turtle disease seven kinds. These diseases are diseases in farmed turtles found difficult disease and stress disease, using the general method of treatment is difficult to scrape effect. Book with plenty of examples and illustrations introduce a variety turtle incurable diseases control methods, by analyzing the causes for the correct diagnosis and treatment of heart made of new technologies, more cases are before treatment and after pictures of the control . Its stress disease prevention and control technology at home and abroad are original.

Finally, the author reluctantly part, his invention patents and utility model patent for the first time publicly. These patents relate turtle farming requires the use of energy-efficient temperature control technology, simulation technology and turtle white wild backplane effective disease prevention and control methods. In addition, the reader needs to master the correct method of injection therapy detailed graphic description.

Doubts is the author's mission is to benefit the reader's expectations. This book is to achieve this goal, every effort will be twenty years of research converging to the book, in an effort innovation, practicality and collection of the best points for the healthy and rapid development of China turtle industry to make its own contribution. Inadequacies inevitably, please readers correction. In this book goes to press on the occasion, my heartfelt gratitude to my teacher Yao hong-lu, Hu shao-kun, Wang xi-fang, Zhu guangding and Sun xiu-wen. And thank Ocean Press and Zheng Ke editing.


2013' “www.cnturtle.com” Guangzhou gathering cum turtles industry's core technology forum

http://www.cnturtle.com 18-7-2013

Time: October 10, 2013, 11-12 pm Registration Day activities, the number more than 100 invited Chinese CCTV seven sets of "Technology Garden" column feature film.

Contents: 11 morning, well-known experts to give lectures: Chinese turtle industry's core technology

            11 afternoon, the turtle king with you face to face (Invited Young fire Liao, Lingui Yan Liang Yu Yan, Wang Jianru, EU-Wei, Chen Yi, Yang Jun, Liang Fangzhi other turtles king with you face to face)

            12 in the morning, visiting farms turtles

            12 afternoon, the end of the

Location: the beautiful scenery of a hot spring hotel in Guangzhou Conghua (participants listen to lectures, face to face, to see the turtle farm, hot springs)


Zhejiang turtle breeding greenhouse will partly closed

http://www.cnturtle.com 26-12-2013 Zhang Jian

Our country large-scale weather fog haze appears, everywhere looking for reasons of haze occurs, and the comprehensive management of the demand way. Fisheries, past Taihu pollution, the closure of part of the net bar culture in Taihu. Now, the government of Zhejiang has decided to close part of farming, greenhouse, purifying environment, the protection of nature.

The Zhejiang closed greenhouse farming more strength requirements, before 2017, closing 45% of greenhouse, greenhouse subsidies to 163 yuan per square metre, plan 3 years to close 6000000 square metre greenhouse. The problem of excess production capacity which may alleviate greenhouse farming. Close focus on Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Huzhou and other regions, including Yuhang, Haining and East is the key in the key.

Greenhouse cultivation will produce what kind of pollution? Is mainly two aspects: one is the use of sawdust, heating honeycomb briquet, coal fuel by incomplete combustion method smoldering, soot and other pollution air, according to the determination, concentration of dust emission at 700mg/m (200 mg/m ³ ³ provisions); two is the sewage discharge, the tone of the changing water, discharged in the sewage reaches 1000mg/L (30mg/L) COD. Thus, the two indicators are severely exceed the standard. But not all of the greenhouse are so, some high technology content, did not exceed the standard of the greenhouse can be retained, to greenhouse cultivation.

The greenhouse effect of the closed. One is the production of greenhouse cultivation, to natural ecological culture; two is the feed demand will be reduced, the direct impact of the feed production enterprise, is expected to reduce annual 60000 tons; three is to influence the market, Zhejiang an annual output of 150000 tons of soft shelled turtle, accounting for half of national output, accounting for half of soft shelled turtle, greenhouse is closed, the yield of greenhouse the turtle at least by 30000 tons, annual output is equivalent to the Jiangsu breeding turtle, cold market for soft shelled turtle is encountered with the release of a certain role. It is understood, at present Zhejiang soft shelled turtle price per 500 grams of 13 yuan, Guangzhou 16 yuan, Hunan 18 yuan.

Turtle greenhouse farming starting in the late 80, the introduction of technology from Japan in 70's. A new technique developed in the break, turtle hibernation, shorten the breeding cycle, change "to eat turtle" food for the masses, make great contribution to promote the development of the current turtle industry, environmental priority to economic development, is the only correct choice, because the protection of human health is our ultimate goal, the turtle breeding industry compromise and sacrifice is worth. Take this opportunity, China's turtle industry needs to further adjust the structure, give priority to the development of Ecological Breeding Tortoise, reducing pressure on the environment, through adjusting, ecological, economic and social comprehensive benefits.


Qinzhou City held the turtles technical lectures success


http://www.cnturtle.com  23-12-2012 triple Technology


December 18th is the big day Qinzhou triple terrapin Technology Co., Ltd. opened. That day, organized by the Aquatic Animal Husbandry Bureau of Qinzhou City, Qinzhou City Aquaculture Technology Extension Station, the Qinzhou City triple the turtles Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dadi feed company and Zhuhai health benefits biotechnology company, jointly sponsored held in Qinzhou the kaolinite business hotel, "Qinzhou City turtles technology seminars, to be 250 people, wonderful speech by experts, a serious and lectures, and a great success, Qinzhou City Aquatic Animal Husbandry Bureau expressed satisfaction. Will be held after the triple turtles cocktails.


Invited to be the two experts. Meeting Speaker turtles feed science and technology by Chapter sword senior engineer, turtles stress for Disease Control and Prevention Technology, Zhuhai health benefits company chairman Dong sound speaker turtles ecological farming techniques. The realistic three themes lectures, the frontiers of knowledge, content-rich, deeply into the will of the leadership, large farming and China terrapin group Friends of praise, agreed that inspired benefited. Through lectures, it will completely change the traditional habit of feeding a single feed, switch to a targeted, reasonable formula, nutritionally balanced formula feed; cope turtles diseases, the core technology is the prevention of stress, the scientific use of drugs. Continue to improve and enhance the level of culture in the three aspects of the environment, feed and disease prevention.


Turtles industry development direction is the large-scale commercialization and industrialization. Extend the industrial chain processing the ring are turtles industry is the development of a new model. Turtles breeding is a basic industry chain, feed production, introduction of seeds and seedlings, storage and transportation, aquatic products processing, merchandise sales, quality tracking belonging to the high-end industrial chain the basic industry chain determines the quality of the product, high-end industrial chain determines the market price. Triple turtles Co., Ltd. was established, industry chain ring, innovative in the country for the first time to establish a "well-known Chinese terrapin expert remote treatment center and one-stop service to carry feed, disease and seedlings, for the majority of The turtles farmers solve problems and achieve a win-win situation.


Known terrapin expert remote treatment center Address: Qinzhou City, Qinzhou Bay Road No. 110 Tel :0777 -2886066 15177978646.



Famous style of the turtles professional QQ group, views and interpretation


www.cnturtle.com 7-11-2012 Zhang Jian


The famous turtles professional QQ group (QQ: 199700919), since its establishment, has been a warm, harmonious, relaxed atmosphere, especially to greet each other politely become a major highlight of our group. There are still a few people do not understand, no need to do so, seems to be to ask questions, answer questions, solve problems, and other words not necessary. In fact, even the basic courtesy of these people did not know, pull up on the questions to someone immediately answer questions, and finally to help him solve the problem this mode of course good, but who is willing to do, your question will certainly be others to answer you let all your problems solved, and that someone else all day to solve the problem for you, do not do other things. Admittedly, a good group atmosphere, its own cultural connotations, not thinking of how what you learn anything in a cultural group, and even bloody animation, yellow picture, boredom text, unrealistic answer, end, we do not have any harvest. There are a group of friends to borrow the words of Chairman Mao, "a culture of the military is a stupid army.

Some people say that, in this group did not learn anything. In fact, that is you do not have to observe carefully, with a humble attitude to learning. As yesterday afternoon, a group of Friends of the questions, sent three pictures, because the start picture is not clear, and later reissued, to the third and finally clear, I explicitly told that his diagnosis was "Yuba disease, but this the bit group Friends of the very modest, immediately said: "Oh, no white spot disease, I checked the online" how to learn so humble group Friends. From the lesion, the Yuba is a white point is that his pearl turtle lesions is one Yuba symptoms are very obvious, and have been infected with the turtle's head, so, only to let him learn a lesson.The QQ group since the establishment of the problems we encounter turtles diseases helpless, for the majority of the group Friends and readers to solve hundreds of difficult cases, control before treatment and cure a glance, in turtles industry chain system integration, market analysis, etc.guidance and help, many beneficiaries.


Recently successfully held a party, we may see the participation of people say that a great harvest. For this, everyone is unanimously recognized and the trustful, because we do fully prepared, turtles stress disease prevention and control technology, exciting content, warmly welcomed by the participants and a strong response. If you do not take advantage of the gathering to learn some of the cutting-edge knowledge, only in the calculation of tolls, to gain maximum benefit minimum expenditure generally difficult to do, do not come definitely regret it, how to do the next time be sure not to lose the opportunity. Impossible usually around the group, will be able to learn all the knowledge.



www.cnturtle.com the first meeting to be successful

www.cnturtle.com 29-10-2012 the Beihai party reports

North Sea www.cnturtle.com group (QQ199700919) party, is a grand gathering of the group of the faithful. Road Sea Hotel in Beihai City in 2012, 26 to 28, the strong support of the North Sea, North stream and Qinzhou City the turtles Association, Kiyu will successfully held 60 participants friends, gathering in a relaxed and enjoyable. The warm atmosphere.

This gathering to fruition:

, Turtles Stress Disease Control and Prevention technical seminars (Zhang Jian Speaker), and the frontiers of knowledge to share. By the pictures, show a large number of instances of before and after treatment, practical, workable, participants expressed strong questions enthusiastically agreed that wonderful content, very fruitful, resolved to increase the confidence of the turtles disease control problems.

2, the history of the development of our turtles industry to discuss the problems faced with market prospects. Consensus that the the terrapin industry development needs of the industry chain systems integration, as soon as the end of a few varieties of fried species stage to achieve its commercialization, market entry terminal, industrialization is the fundamental way to the healthy development of the turtles industry.

3, visit the the Beihai City terrapin Association, Wang Daming, president of turtles Ecological Park, an eye-opener. The park covers an area of
116 acres, a wide variety of breeding, the owner is a faithful reader of www.cnturtle.com bright spot: the initiative to deal with changes in the market, 2010 will Mauremys mutica all thrown; extend the industrial chain, making turtles wine , turtles powder, turtle collagen, increase product added value; open mind, focusing on corporate image advertising.

Party a great success. The meeting was attended by Maoming sand lang old secretary Ou Wei, the the sand the enamel town government agricultural office Yangya Hua, deputy director of the North Sea turtles Association president Wang Daming Liang Fangzhi president of, Beiliu turtles Association, the Qinzhou City women the Kiyu will Secretary-General Hong Zhiwei just better, stupid children stupid, Blue Dream, four space-time administrator, Mu Yi, Egg, that Wu, Yu Han, blue sky and rainbow, I love Cuora trifasciata, Walker, dragons, Taishan, care, Yang Jun, Zhang Zuoying Luo Shi-Yuan Chen Tsai, multiply ultra novices better advised, Xu people's livelihood, Qiu flowers long, not to enumerate. Many new people have asked to join our group. After the end of a long time can not be calm, and the expectations of the next meeting as soon as possible organized. Reasons because of the typhoon, the Weizhou travel did not take place, a little disappointed. Accept the invitation by the president of the arrangements of Wang Daming, Zhang Jian visited the well-known Chinese turtle Mrs. Wang, Qinzhou City women Kiyu Lingui Yan president of the honor of seeing the original species are not generally open to visitors Cuora trifasciata, Cuora mccordi spot guidance Cuora trifasciata, etc. disease prevention and treatment.



Visited China Turtle king 's wife


www.cnturtle.com 1-11-2012 Zhang Jian


Filed the Mawu Song name, we must know that he is a master of Qinzhou City tortoise King City, China's well-known southern turtle, Cuora trifasciata breeding the first person in 2005 "the first soup" produced by his success, a sensation in the country . Mawu Song died of illness, the 2011 Lady turtles Mrs. Wang Lingui Yan took over as chairman of the board, went to the front of the Yanggui sector to participate in a national conference on CCTV, she likes to talk about three sentences: "We Yanggui fated hope keep a good turtle, side by side with a total development ".


October 28 arrangements, the the the Beihai City terrapin Association Wang Daming, I came to the the known turtle Mrs. Wang Lin Guiyan turtle King City. See where Qinzhou Municipal leaders and several vice president, Lin Guiyan the Qinzhou City women Kiyu President, I come by their warm welcome and hospitality. Ma Wusong left, a little man walking the floor, empty feeling, but a closer look, the elegance of the turtle by his wife, Lin Guiyan inherited her cheerful, keep smiling, hearty laughter from time to time, Ma Wusong alive and her jokes that do not know Lingui Yan man or a woman. Resembles a man's character created her a spirit of self-improvement, and two sons are in college, her home mingle and workers, to eat together, play cards together, adding to the fun of life, she did not give up the career Maradona left to continue to struggle pursuit of higher goals, the proposed new building named for comments, I suggest: " China Turtle king 's wife ".


Lingui Yan, president of leading the tour the the turtle king city's name turtle ecological park. The author shines a walk along the high promenade to see is a garden ecological Yanggui landscape turtle pool patchwork, bridges, turtle head out and looked climbed up leisurely artificial island. Mauremys mutica, Cuora trifasciata and Cuora mccordi name turtle next visit, I have inherited from my Lingui Yan hands the to wild name turtle Cuora mccordi, photo and the Tortoise feel Satisfy million, to be priceless. The most honored to see the Cuora trifasciata usually do not open the original species, the m word at the end, red neck, body beauty wild Cuora trifasciata hove in sight feast for the eyes, to witness a well-deserved reputation. I hope that only women Kiyu in Lingui Yan president led farther and farther, and to contribute to the cause of our turtles glory.



Examine the Guigang a Huangsha turtle seed farms


www.cnturtle.com 2012-6-25 Blue Dream Huang Wei,


The Guigang Wynn Hing Huangsha turtle seed field is a wholly-owned enterprises, the injection of 5 million yuan. Office buildings, feed, hatchery, the fry room. The field of 56 acres, supporting greenhouse of 400 square meters, 100,000 of the seedlings of the annual output of turtle. The second phase of the project to inject 600 million yuan to expand the area of ​​100 acres, green food production base, and increase recreational fishing facilities, and Huangsha turtle, deep processing. Located in the Guangxi the Guigang qintang District Shika town of Lu Village, West River shore, elegant environment, convenient traffic, unique natural resources, the introduction of the West River of pollution-free, here is one of the Huangsha the origin of the turtle's area. The farming Huangsha turtle has won numerous awards, winning in 2010 in Guangxi, the first turtles king contest, once again winning the 2011 contest after the the Guigang turtle king turtle.


Huangsha turtle is the main aquaculture species, and significant features are: the ventral juvenile turtles was orange, black patches of clear symmetrical arrangement, the number is generally 7 to 8; body into a turtle look obtuse flat, the back was light khaki, the carapace is clearly visible spine and rib structure arranged in the spine on both sides of intermittent or continuous longitudinal bending arrangement of the epidermal fold line is very obvious, abdomen reddish yellow, the chest and abdomen surface clearly visible clouds of capillaries. With the growth of the individual, the abdomen the Obscure like smudge stain gradually retreat, weighing 500g, only in the plastron, left the Obscure like two pairs of gray-black plaques and other plaque disappeared. The main advantages are: pure varieties of partial round, body, body color golden skirts generous, strong muscles, fresh meat. Individual large, fast growth, disease resistance, high nutritional value by the market.


Development encountered some problems. For example, a water quality adjustment methods; 2, feed structural adjustment; difficult disease control; greenhouse turtle technology; brand strategy implementation; 6: leisure fishery characteristics. In support of Chinese turtles, one by one to resolve. Solution is to provide control of cyanobacterial blooms, clear bell-shaped insect technology; strict feed to ensure you do not vote to bad feed, snail fish bait, an appropriate increase of compound feed; the original variety of stress analysis and to propose effective control measures; guide greenhouse turtle encountered in water temperature, water quality issues and operational details of; actively apply for a pollution-free base and product certification, the implementation of brand strategy, as soon as possible to expand the scale of leisure fishery of the founders of ecological park. Through the implementation of the above-mentioned programs, the annual income of up to $ 5 million. External species of turtle seedlings and high-quality goods turtle (owners Yang Yongcheng Tel15977548222).



Black piebald turtle

Southbound inspection terrapin industry


www.cnturtle.com 20-3-2012 Zhang Jian


March 15, 2012, I was invited to the the Guigang Pingnan investigated Black piebald turtle breeding base. Master Huang Xiang, a young reader, be good at digging turtles of new varieties, breeding varieties of Black piebald turtle, common snapping turtle and Heosemys grandis, to take the intensive farming methods. common snapping turtle from the seedling cultivation, has gradually become a pro-turtle, open next year, production is expected to be 2016 to 60000 scale of the propagation of the common snapping turtle Miao, will promote the common snapping turtle breeding commercialization and popularization and industrialization, so that ordinary benefit of consumers. During the inspection found that the local has a special new line of Black piebald turtle, have obvious advantages. Mr. Huang Xiang said, Black piebald turtle back gray luster, the abdomen black piebald resembles Taihu turtle, obtained through the laying of the sediment, reduce the transparency of the water, creating a dark environment. Goods with excellent, fast growing, nutrient-rich, delicious taste, "Silky" in the world in the turtle, Black piebald turtle market price, very popular in Guangzhou market last year has turtle seedlings sent to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Hubei and other places, farmers reflect the growth rate is particularly fast, less disease, there are more advantages than the Taihu turtle. Promotion of the strains to enhance economic efficiency and human health.


     The Pingnan after their visit to Yangjiang inspection osceola early as complex technology. Its core technology is to separate male and female, the males alone the only ponds, females need to mate manually moved to the male turtle pool, sex ratio can be as high as 7, when the discovery of the fecundity of females, the females moved to the greenhouse temperature control breeding to accelerate development and achieve the purpose of early spawning. Results: The earliest spawning time appears in the December 8, 2011 (Maoming) earlier spawning time for the January 8 (Spring). This technology can promote The osceola multiple spawning, the annual spawning of 2 or 3 times. In the spring, to see an author's home in the world Qianlong osceola are spawning, and personally dug three clutches of the common snapping turtle eggs, all fertilized, into the incubation room to hatch. From spring Xiao Chuan Mr. Lang said, Who would have thought he farmed 100 osceola pro-turtle, can create an economic benefit of 100 million. In the spring by the Qianlong world, cattle Xixi De peace turtle home hospitality. In particular, I am touched by the world of Qianlong and drove cattle Xixi De, thousands of miles from Guangdong to Guangxi to meet the.


     Finally, the author examines the high-end turtle breeding and well-known varieties of Maoming South kinds of Mauremys mutica at Cantor. Wang Jianru teacher carefully arranged and escorted to visit the the the Maoming Cai Jianfeng Yanggui field Lin Town the country's largest turtle owners of high-end fire Liao Yang Sha Lang turtles Association Zhangzeng Hua Sha Lang Town, the old secretary of the EU-Wei and town agricultural and sideline deputy director Yang Yahua. The Maoming group Friends of the Fortune, a small, deciduous, Guo Jinhai, chasing rabbits, turtles, tortoises commander and Rongchang turtle industry is fortunate enough to meet. Wang Jianru teacher to give meticulous care, Fortune to provide whatever support and the Guo Jinhai enthusiastic to take care of leaves and actively participate in activities, little Conghua states who came to Maoming to see them off, I moved. The Maoming I see this year, the first breeding of the common snapping turtle Miao, Mauremys mutica Cantor, factory farming, the roof of the imitation of natural ecological Yanggui. Young fire Liao, the country's largest owners of high-end turtles warm reception and took us to visit the mysterious Cuora trifasciata Building, ambitious master told the author, the success of the three elements of the site, funds, and perseverance, his goal is 50 billion yuan to Chinese turtles industry proud. The introduction of the elevator, we see more than just a luxurious appearance, the 10-story Cuora trifasciata building turtles everywhere, first-class facilities, advanced technology, it is shocking!


     March 19, 2012 I returned from Guangdong, Jiangsu, and to complete the inspection task.



                                        Turtle world - watching turtle's window 

The turtle world is located the Suzhou town center, is the Chinese turtle turtle net investigation and study watching turtle market window, is our country at present “south Anhui the kind” Huang Yuanhe the turtle seedling supply biggest turtle shop.Bases Suzhou, face the nation, supplies each kind of ornamental turtle, the turtle feed, the glass jar and so on, the variety is many, the wholesale primarily, the quantity big preferential benefit, and provides on the net to order by mail.Technical support: Chinese turtle turtle net. 

Address: Suzhou skin city streets flower-and-bird market turtle world   

Telephone: +8613812610258

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